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“Best language centre I'd ever been to. Dive into a sea of Japanese culture and language when you join our journey, breathing in the essence of Japan.— Lee E Wei & Lee Jin Hans

“I first met Ms Ohashi in a Japanese educational fair around 6 years ago, that time I was planning to further study my undergraduate programs in Japan. I met her and signed up for a 1-year Japanese language course in Japan at next year. Before that, she recommended me to go to her language center, which is Fuji International Japanese Language Centre, to learn as much Japanese as I could before going to Japan because that would lessen my burden of learning Japanese in Japan. Thus I got into the language school, and Ms Ohashi taught me intensively, hoping that I could learn more before I departed to Japan.

Days were getting nearer to the date of my departure to Japan, but something unfortunate happened. A strong earthquake struck Japan, which and then caused a strong tsunami, destroying everything in its wrath, including the nuclear energy factories. Nuclear radiation was up to unhealthy level, and there were issues of lack of facilities such as the electricity shortage, my parent stopped me from going to Japan although I insisted to, and asked me to remain in Malaysia and studied here instead.

After I started my university classes, I barely had time to continue my Japanese class, therefore I stopped learning Japanese for 4 years, which was also the whole period of my university academic curriculum. However after I graduated from my university, I went back to Fuji International Japanese Language School Centre to pursue for my fallen dreams of further study in Japan.

I resumed my Japanese language classes and proceeded to the highest level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which was N1. I took the exam, I failed the first time but I finally passed the exam at second try. After that Ms Ohashi and other teacher passionately helped me in my application of postgraduate program in Japan.

For me, Fuji International Japanese Language Centre is not just a typical Japanese language center, but a place full of friends who do not hesitate to help when I need it. Although I lot has happened, I am really grateful to Ms Ohashi and other teachers, because thanks to them I managed to get through obstacles and continue pursuing my dream to further study in Japan.” — Yew Kwan Yang