Covering all four skills:
Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking


  • Provides counseling or advice indvidually
  • All Japanese teachers have long experiences in teaching and they can speak English, Chinese, and Bahasa Melayu
  • There are other activities such as Japan Culture Day, parties and lots of chances to converse in Japanese Language
  • Saturday and Sunday classes are available
  • Courses with reasonable fees


  • Beginner 1: Starting on 26th May, 2.00PM ~ 4.00PM
    (Every Sunday)(Physical only)
  • Beginner 1: Starting on 6th June, 7.30PM ~ 9.30PM
    (Every Thursday)(Online only)
  • JLPT N4: Starting on 28th April, 10.30AM ~ 12.30PM
    (Every Sunday)(Physical only)
  • Intensive JLPT N4: 3rd-27th June, 10.30AM ~ 3.30PM
    (Every Mon-Thu)(Physical/Online)


★ Group Lesson
  • Part time course: Once per week
  • Each lesson is 2 hours long
  • 6 person or above per class
  • Certificate of Completion will be given after completing the course. *only for certain levels*
Course Fees: (per student)
Tuition Fee
Register Fee
Textbook Fee

RM 450 for 3 months

(12 lessons = 24 hours)

RM 80

RM 80*

※once per every JLPT level:
N5 , N4 , N3

To Register (paying by Online Bank Transfer):

Bank: Maybank
Account Name: Nihon Fuji Kokusai Gakuin Sdn. Bhd.
Account Number: 512316114873
*Note: Please do send us the proof of payment to

Terms & Conditions : Cancellations and Refunds

Upon class cancellation/withdrawal at your own convenience, all fees paid are non-refundable.

*EXCEPTION - For classes that have not started yet (eg. new intakes):
If proper cancellations notice is given at least seven (7) working days prior to first day of the lesson, refunds will only be granted.

Fees paid for Private Lessons will be valid within six (6) months only. If over the period of 6 months, one could not attend the class at your own convenience, he/she will need to pay again when resuming the class.

Course Levels :

Beginner 1 [200 words]

  • Basic conversation starting from greetings, self introduction,
    time, shopping and etc.
  • Learning Japanese character “Hiragana” and “Katakana”.

Beginner 2 [400 words]

  • Learn how to express your feelings and able to do more conversation.
  • Can speak simple Japanese.

Intermediate 1 [600 words]

  • Learn how to express feelings and able to do more conversation.
  • Can read and write simple composition.

Intermediate 2

  • One will master the basic Japanese grammar,
    vocabulary (800 words) and conversation.
  • Can reach N5 Level of JLPT.

Intermediate 3 & 4

  • Can reach N4 Level of JLPT.
  • Able to read and write compositions.

Advance Course

  • One can reach N1, N2 and N3 Level of JLPT
  • Can work in Japanese Company and also
    study in universities in Japan.

★ Other Courses

We also provide other type of courses as below.
For more information about fees and so, please contact us.

Intensive Course

  • For people who want to enroll into universities of Japan or
    to learn at a faster pace.

Business Course

  • Practical conversations and writing business letters etc.
    *minimum JLPT N2 required*

JLPT Course

  • Preparation for all levels of JLPT test.

Private Lesson Course

  • Flexible time course. Can arrange the day and time
    of your preference.

Company Lesson Course

  • Our lecturers can visit one's company to teach.